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10 Food Recommendations in Toronto

Updated: May 15, 2019

Canadian Culture | 2019

Toronto has the best options for food, and selecting the right meal is a daily struggle. Next time you are unsure where to eat, hopefully this list will give you some ideas. Choices range from excellent snack food, lunch, dinner and drink options. If you have already tried all the recommendations on this list, then you are a true Toronto foodie.

one. Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake

Uncle Tetsu is famous for their Japanese Cheesecakes. Started in Japan 25 years ago, today it is very popular and new to the rest of the world. Everyone need's to experience one of these delicious treats and share with friends. Made freshly-baked daily. You can watch the whole baking process right before your eyes!

two. Chatime

Chatime is the perfect spot to reward yourself this summer. Everyone enjoys the great taste of bubble tea. Add a cold, sweet drink to your day. Try the roasted milk tea with grass jelly!


Rol San

Go to Rol San, located in Chinatown for authentic Chinese dim sum. The food is so good you'll be back for more. Spadina is bustling with restaurants, but Rol San is the perfect place to go for all day dim sum.


CJ Lunchbox

CJ Lunchbox is perfect for lunch. Grab sushi on lunch break at CJ Lunchbox, located on Richmond and Spadina. Always fresh, made daily. Miso soup included. Fast service and fair prices.


Spring Sushi

Spring Sushi is a very popular sushi restaurant located in Dundas Square. Enjoy all you can eat sushi with your friends and family in the heart of the city. The restaurant has a modern appearance and is highly recommended if you are visiting the city.


Banh Mi Boys

Enjoy a tasty $5 Steam bao. The menu is full of great choices. Banh Mi Boys is famous for their sub-like sandwiches. If you are looking for a unique tasting sandwich, try a Banh Mi.


Burger Priest

Every local Toronto resident has tried a delicious burger from the Burger Priest. Premium burgers are difficult to find in fast food restaurants, however, now you can order a great tasting classic burger to go. These burgers taste better than generic fast food and are quite filling.



Paramount has the best middle eastern dishes. Moussaka and hummus are great for sharing. Try the shawarma dinner plate for the best experience. If you like sweet treats, you will fall in love with baklava for dessert.


Sansotei Ramen- CityPlace

Ramen is the perfect meal for social gatherings. Fast service and less than 15 dollars per person to dine in. Light, yet filling. Ramen is becoming a popular trend among businessmen. Discover how you can enjoy a delicious bowl of Ramen, with friends and family. Connect over your favourite noodles... You can taste how fresh they are.


Nadege Patisserie

Nadege has a mix of gourmet sandwiches and fancy desserts such as macarons. The food is innovative and tastes expensive, healthy and fresh. They use the best quality cheese and deli meat for people who are tired of generic, boring ham and cheese sandwiches. These premium sandwiches will transform your appetite, you wont be disappointed.

Thanks for reading 10 Food Recommendations in Toronto. There are many places to eat downtown, but this list is highly recommended if you want to have a real Toronto experience. If you have already tried all the places on this list, continue reading our blog for more information.

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