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Card Surcharges

Visa card in terminal
Credit card interchange fees

A recent ruling allows businesses to charge customers a fee for credit card transactions. Businesses are allowed to charge up to 2.4% of the transaction total to the customer. Credit card fees have always been built into business models and it is unlikely that the price of your services and products will decrease by 2.4%. Businesses must apply 30 days prior to implementing the charge and they must also make it clear that the surcharge has been charged to the customer. So it will likely be a line item on any invoice that charges you the fee. At the Pembroke Inn we remain committed to bringing our customers value and lowering the cost of your stay in Toronto by as much as possible. We will not be charging our customers the card fee as we do not want our customers having to pay more on top of the high cost to stay in Toronto. Please check you next hotel bill to see if your hotel has charged you the fee and if they are attempting to bring you the value that your hard earned dollars deserve.

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