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Commuting in Toronto

Toronto Transit Commission is easy to use and is reliable if you don't have a car to get around Toronto. Uber is convenient for non-drivers in the city but a lot of people use the TTC to get to work everyday. Here is an overview of transportation services available to daily commuters downtown Toronto.

Children 12 and under can use TTC services for free. The TTC accepts cash, tickets (for youths ages 13 to 19 and seniors 65 or older), tokens, PRESTO, day passes, and weekly GTA passes. TTC monthly passes and the 12-month pass are only available on Presto.

The adult cash fare is $3.25 for a single trip and $2.20 for seniors. The cost of tokens and adult single fares using a Presto card is $3.10 and $2.15 for seniors. Minimum adult token prices are 3 for $9.31 and senior/youth tickets for $10.75

Day passes are $13 and weekly passes are $65.


Monthly pass is $151.15 or $122.45 for post-secondary students and seniors.

12-Month pass is $138.55 monthly or $112.25 for seniors.

The Fair Pass program allows those eligible for ODSP or Ontario Works to receive a discount when using a Presto card. $119.40 monthly passes. $2.05 PRESTO single fare.

PRESTO card holders have access to a time-based transfer which allows for unlimited travel on all routes and in all directions for the cost of a single fare during a two-hour period.

Union Station is located on Bay and Front Street downtown Toronto. There is a large food court downstairs and a bar in the main area. In the Great Hall there are small specialty shops and restaurants for when you are waiting for your ride. The GO bus terminal is next to Union station. There is a large waiting area for the GO trains and subway stations are accessed underground. The PATH is also accessible from Union station. The Eaton Centre is connected to the PATH and there is a PATH to Ripley's Aquarium and the CN Tower. The PATH has many stores and places to eat. There are food courts near the financial district in the PATH and lots of boutiques and cafes underground. The Greyhound Terminal is located on Bay and Dundas.


5:45am to 1:30am, except Sunday 8am

Line 1- Yonge/University

Line 2- Bloor/Danforth

Line 3- Scarborough

Line 4- Sheppard

GO Transit Bus/Train

Bus routes are convenient in Toronto and follow the grid system. They come often and you can text the number on the bus stop for bus times.

Streetcar- 24 hr service downtown

Fallsview Casino shuttle will pick you up from certain stops downtown and take you to Niagara Falls and back to Toronto.

Union-Pearson Express Train- Airport transportation service

The UP Express is convenient for travelling between union station and the airport. It costs $12 one way trip or $9 with PRESTO card.

Plan your travelling with

This website will list your options. You can input your destination times and it will show you when and where to use the TTC.

Book a tour/trip with Pembroke Inn. The front desk will help you set up a fun day to visit main attractions around of the city. Contact us for more information.

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