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Distillery District

The Distillery area remains the largest and best preserved collection of Victorian Industrial architecture in North America.

The Distillery District was designated as a National Historical Site of Canada, and has been protected under the Ontario Heritage Act since 1976.

Cityscape Holdings Inc. refused to lease any of the retail and restaurant chains or franchises, and accordingly, the majority of the buildings are occupied with boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, jewellery stores, and cafés, including a well-known microbrewery, the Mill Street Brewery.

Vehicles are restricted in this area, so it is a nice spot for pedestrians to shop, eat and visit galleries. It is a beautiful place to take pictures. The urban design is unique and the location attracts numerous film and television production shoots. It is easy to navigate along the brick path. There are many visual markers including sculptures and art. The patio lights are unique and can be admired at night.